Nest Egg(NEGG)

Nest Egg (NEGG) is a Deflationary Token. Nest Egg was built with the idea of creating long term value to the holders to save for their future needs. NEGG have a sensible total supply of 500 Million tokens. With each transaction of Burn, that will serve as a store of value, due to scarcity as the total supply will fall with each and every transaction besides rewarding holders of NEGG.



Earn Passive Rewards

All investors share the same desire for more gains as the needs in their life are ever increasing. Nest Egg helps by presenting consistent gain options through its brilliant deflationary system.

Passive reward system that NEGG holders benefit from is even better than burns. With every transaction, there is a 5% fee which splits to:

2% Burning Fee
2% Marketing
1% redistributed to holders



  • Token name:Nest Egg
  • Ticker Symbol:NEGG
  • Token TypeBEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Total Supply500 Million
  • Burned100 Million
  • Staking ContractUpto 200 Million
  • Pancake150 Million
  • Team Tokens15 Million
  • Marketing Tokens35 Million
  • Transaction Fee5%
  • Reward to Holders1%
  • Marketing2%
  • Burn Fee2%
  • Liquidity Locked98.7%
  • Max Tx per Trade400000
  • Address0xEd86B6F7112aEcb29E58B3E9caB77Cdc8FdA2C11
Liquidity Locked: 98.7%
69.4% LP Tokens Locked for 1 year in unicrypt
29.39% of LP tokens burned forever
Unicrypt Locked Link:
LP Tokens balance:
Team Tokens Locked for 6 Months

How to Buy NEGG on Pancake?

1. Transfer your BNB (SmartChain) from exchange to your wallet (Trust Wallet is just better). (BEP20 – Smart Chain)
2. Open Pancakeswap (at DAPPS from Trust Wallet or from Browser in Metamask)
3. Connect your wallet.
4. Change the slippage. Try 5% or %6 first, if still not succeed, increase it up until 12.
For express transaction, just use 11% directly.
6. Swap from BNB to NEGG
7. Write NEEG in round numbers like ”10000, 20000 etc., “
8. Add token to your wallet. If can’t find, add custom token using this setting:

🔥Contract Address : 0xEd86B6F7112aEcb29E58B3E9caB77Cdc8FdA2C11